Lemuria and Atlantis have been two civilizations with the highest level of development on the Earth. Until the sinking of the continents of Lemuria and later of Atlantis, there were seven major continents on the Earth. Lemuria included the current Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the islands of Fiji, Australia and New Zealand, the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. The Lemurian lands also included California and Canada.

For a long time before the fall in consciousness, the Lemurians lived on Earth in the high vibration frequency of the fifth dimension and were able to switch between different dimensions without any problem. They were able to switch from the fourth dimension to the fifth and from the fifth to the third. The Lemurian race was mixed with the beings whose origin on was Sirius, Alpha Centauri and some other stars, who were the creators of the civilization of Lemuria.

According to this channeling, a part of the Lemurians left before the demise of Lemuria whether to other star systems or into the Earth. It is known that one such place where a part of the Lemurians moved is Mount Kailas in Tibet, about which Ernst Muldashev wrote in his books Where Did We Come From? and In Search of the City of Gods, which have been certainly read by many of you. A part of the Lemurians went to live in to the city of Telos in Mount Shasta in Northern California. Aurelia Louise Jones has channeled and written many books about the city of Telos in Mt Shasta and the Lemurians.

There is a very interesting video about Lemuria and the people of the city of Telos, which may be found at . There are also many books on Telos and Lemuria available in bookstores.

The book Telos: The Revelation about New Lemuria tells about Lemuria, also known as the Motherland, which is a memory (preserved in the cell memory of mankind) of a paradise lost, where peace, beauty, prosperity, harmony and abundance prevailed, and where its inhabitants had the skill to create and shape the reality consciously. When the greater part of the Lemurian continent or islands sank into the Pacific Ocean, most of the Lemurians left from the Earth to other stellar systems or retreated to subterranean cities. This book tells a story of the Lemurians living in the 5th dimensions in their mysterious city Telos, which is located in Mount Shasta and is hidden from our eyes with the interdimensional veil.

When we create a connection with our inner divinity and dispose of duality, embracing our inherent innocence and oneness with all things living, a hidden world – the new Lemuria – opens up right before our eyes. By raising our consciousness, we can ascend into higher dimensions, and we can find a highly evolved civilization of light right here, on our planet. This world is full of magic, love, miracles, and the most wondrous diversity. This world awaits our awakening to the true reality that has been hidden from our eyes by a mere veil on this long journey from the Source to the delusion of separation.

The Lemurians are waiting for the time when mankind will raise its consciousness and will be ready to receive all the wisdom and knowledge preserved by them. Only upon raising the consciousness will the vibration of humans increase and ascension to higher dimensions become possible. People will be ready for it when they will have started to live and act with love and through their hearts. When they will have let go of their fears, guilt, pain, blockages… Now is the time to let go of all your fears and negative patterns of thought, using such methods of cleansing the body and mind on the cellular level as suit everyone the best, as we simply cannot take this baggage with us to where we are going. There is pure love there and its inhabitants live according to the values existing in higher dimensions.

The continents of Atlantis and Lemuria will never resurface in the physical form, but they will be reborn through the energies of the people who have incarnated at the present time. All the gifts and sources of knowledge from this ancient highly developed civilization will be recreated and re-manifested in a new and radiant way through those who live now. When people cleanse themselves of all old energies and unnecessary painful experiences, then all knowledge and wonders from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria will resurface through those who are prepared to ascend to higher dimensions.

As a Lemurian, I perform reconnective séances in the crystal energy lattice.

Let us meet again 

Magissa Gabrielle (the Sourceress)